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These music camps are not drop-in programs; we follow a weekly schedule and activity plans that work best when all participants are present. Please plan accordingly! Please put a check mark next to your wishes:

Media Release

Student Behavior Agreement

In all music camps we ask for and expect a certain level of maturity and behavior from our students. We ask students to remember that they are not only representing themselves, but their families and the music studio of their teachers. Also remember that we are guests of Fort Lewis College and St. Mark’s Church, where an extra level of respect for the space, adornments and facilities is expected.

These rules are simple and they are based on a system of respect. The instructors and the staff are excited to work with each student and will respect each of the students for their willingness to learn and to participate.

During the camp students will be expected to:

  • Be courteous and respectful of other students
  • Be courteous and respectful of all instructors and staff
  • Abstain from the use of foul language and unacceptable behavior
  • Be respectful of the college and church facilities and grounds
  • Arrive promptly at all camp events and rehearsals, allowing time to be fully prepared for each session (unpacking, tuning, etc.)
  • Bring a sharpened pencil to all rehearsals and master classes

Most importantly, students must agree to come prepared to learn and to enjoy the camp. We expect that our students make the most of this unique opportunity.

Emergency Contact, Release of Liability,
& Medical Release Form

the Parent or Guardian of the above-listed student, do hereby agree to release, forever discharge 3rd Ave. Arts, 4CMTA, Four Corners Orff Chapter, St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Fort Lewis College and their respective faculty, staff and board members, from any and all such claims of liability, responsibility, obligation that I, my child or children, or our respective heirs, assigns, guardians, distributees, personal representatives, executors, and relatives, may have for any personal injuries, losses, or damages that I, my child or children, or any of our musical instruments may incur during our participation or attendance at the selected music camp(s). I further agree to indemnify 3rd Ave. Arts, 4CMTA, Four Corners Orff Chapter, St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Fort Lewis College and their respective faculty, staff and board members and agents, and hold them harmless from any and all such claims, including but not limited to any and all costs of litigation and attorneys’ fees. This agreement to indemnify and hold harmless extends to my issue, my heirs, assigns, guardians, wards, personal representatives, executors and relatives. I also give my permission to render first-aid emergency treatment, if necessary, and to contact medical and dental personnel for any necessary medical and dental treatment.

How you will pay

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