3rd Ave. Arts, 4CMTA and the Four Corners Orff Chapter are committed to welcoming and including all students in the music camps, regardless of family income. In order to be able to continue this policy, we ask that only those families who are experiencing true financial distress apply for our limited number of scholarships. Due to the expenses associated with holding these camps, we depend on full tuition payments from all those who are able to do so. Scholarships are reserved for those families who, without this assistance, simply have no means for their child(ren) to participate. We thank you for your help in making sure that no child is left out because of lack of funds. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please send an email.

Arrangements may be made to pay tuition costs over several months; send an email with your request.

Please follow these steps to complete the application process.

1. Complete this Scholarship Application Form and submit.

2. Complete the Summer Camp Registration and submit. Wait to pay until you have heard back from us, usually within a few days.